Top 10  Interesting Facts About Earth

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Earth Is Our Mother

1. Earth Was Formed About 4.54 Billion Years Ago And Scientists Have Estimated About Earth That Life On This Planet Started About 4.1 Billion Years Ago.

2. With A Radius Of 3,959 Miles, Earth Is The Fifth Largest Planet In Our Solar System.

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3. When The Earth Is Visible In Space, There Is A Symbol Like A Blue Star From A Distance Of 6 Billion Kilometers And The Reason Why The Earth Is Blue From The Sky Is The Water Present On This Planet.

4. Earth Is Also Called The "blue Planet" Because Of Its Blue Appearance From Outer Space.

5. More Than 70% Of The Earth's Surface Is Water, But Did You Know That It Is Less Than 1% Of The Earth's Mass? The Mass Of The Earth Is 5,972,190,000,000,000,000,000,000 Kg.

6. Earth's Core Is Made Up Of About 85-88% Iron And About 47% Oxygen In Its Crust.

7. Earth Is The Only Planet In The Solar System That Has Tectonic Plates Under Its Surface. These Plates Are Floating On The Magma Inside The Earth, When These Plates Collide With Each Other, There Is A Vibration On The Earth Which Is Called Earthquake In Common Language.

8. Earth Is The Only Planet That Was Not Named After A Greek Or Roman God. For Example, The Planet Jupiter Is Named After The King Of The Roman Gods And The Planet Uranus Is Named After The Greek God Of The Sky, But The Name Earth Comes From English/german, Meaning "ground". .

9. Earth Was Once Believed To Be The Center Of The Universe And Scientists Believed That The Sun And Other Planets Orbited It.

10. Earth Has A Strong Magnetic Field, Due To The Presence Of An Inner Nickel-iron Core, This Magnetic Field Is Responsible For Preventing The Heavy Solar Winds From Blowing On Earth.

11. Regarding The Accidents On The Bermuda Triangle, Scientists Believe That All These Accidents Have Happened Due To The Strong Magnetic Force Of The Earth.